Monday, November 14, 2011

Expert Business Presentations and our client Gabrielle Rem

The client I would like to introduce is Gabrielle Rem of Healthy Choices Vending LLC, a New York city based turnkey vending company and I am happy to showcase the video we designed for her to use to promote her company.

We also designed this custom promotional flyer and created the html ad code so when you click onto the flyer you are redirected to her WordPress blog.


We also custom designed Gabrielle Rem's Facebook Fan Page.

We then custom designed her website and WordPress blog.

We designed her Twitter page.

My name is Johnny Giles and my small yet efficient Team custom designed all of the tools shown above including a folder kit, brochure, stationery and business as well as a company profile for Gabrielle Rem and her business Healthy Choices Vending, LLC. I have a passion for the work we do and I specialize in the following turnkey services.


I have three primary videos on YouTube that I use to market and promote my services.

You can see my website to learn more about me and the services I offer.

Contact me anytime to learn more!